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Geometric Gauge, the Instrument.

Geometrica's Geometric Gauge, no need to look
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Current Steam gauge (second generation instrument) problems.

What are the problems and issues with the current generation Steam type gauges?

  1. Superfluous technology
  2. We need to look at them to get to the information.
  3. Constant monitoring is required to be warned when the safe limits are exceeded.
  4. Cannot see trends
  5. Has to remember last reading taken for each gauge
  6. No way of knowing if the indicator has moved and in what direction
  7. Cannot see rate of change
  8. Multiple instruments take up a lot of space
  9. Visually scanning multiple instruments take a long time, sometimes more than 2 seconds per gauge
  10. Indicating needle cannot change colour
  11. No predictive early warning that limits are about to be reached
  12. BMW HUD This display has its origins in the year 1441, BMW HUD Bar Graph and Speed display as well as instrument in the console, an ideal example of Industrial Age Steam gauge technology.

A few other shortcomings of the first and second generation traditional gauges:

  1. High inventory cost as each model unit or instrument cluster must be stocked
  2. Instrument legend printing for different markets and languages leads to high inventory costs
  3. Unreliable due to wire connections to cluster of gauges
  4. Limited accessibility to install or repair
  5. Cannot overlay data effectively on top of other data
  6. Gauge depth takes up a lot of space behind panels
  7. Expensive due to mechanical manufacturing and difficult installation
  8. Noise, Vibration and Harshness(NVH)adversely affected by high frequency natural vibration due to mass of instrument cluster
  9. Mechatronic and mechanical gauges cannot be combined to form an integrated display system that can be monitored at one point
  10. Once integrated design is installed, cannot be upgraded or replaced
  11. Need to keep stock of cluster even when model was discontinued
  12. Currently most LCD designs are custom, not universal XY addressed
  13. Unlike Geometrica, cannot stock one or two LCD screen shapes and program Gauge look and feel via software for each model design
  14. Currently instrument cluster as well as LCD screen needed for Navigation, Infotainment and Control
  15. Cannot sell instrument upgrades to current or older model owners as no upgrade path exists

Geometric Gauge, the solution

Geometric Gauge is the first and only data display instrument designed since the dawn of the Information Age. There is no other. With Geometric gauge we solve all of these issues, and some others as well. Following is a list of the properties of Geometric Gauge and its advantages. Later we will elaborate on some of it's key features and benefits.Geometric Gauge, Delta animation

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