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Geometrica, the Technology and Methodology

Geometric Data Representation

Taking the above knowledge, we can now invent a revolutionary new form of data representation. A new methodology where we need not spend time in understanding data and interpreting numeric's, but one where a simple glance should be enough to understand what the system state is. We can show a geometric shape or a number of geometric shapes, colour code them and use the geometric form to convey information. There are various ways this data can be encoded on to geometric shapes. Line colour, line thickness, shape changes and distortions are all means to encode data that are quick to interpret, just like looking at a picture.

Because we can easily and quickly recognize and classify shapes, and any distortion of these shapes, this works to our advantage because assimilation and cognition can now happen in a much shorter time. There is no need to focus on a shape to recognize it as this can happen via the peripheral channel with about the same fidelity and the same speed as via the focal channel. Less time collecting information means more time for computing. We leverage both vision channels to get much more information assimilated in a much shorter time. We need only see an image once to get a full mental picture from the geometric shapes.

This translates into more time for the primary and other secondary tasks, time now no longer needed to scan our instruments. The acquisition of this image can happen via either vision channel, focal or ambient. Using the Fovea, we can see all the parameters at once, their relationships to each other and all information becomes available at a glance. However, if we are not focused on the display, we can still recognize the shape as quickly via the ambient channel. Our brain recognizes the shape and interprets the data while any irregularity is quickly brought to our attention. We can now focus on this and take the required action.

If we now take this knowledge and apply it to the design of a new instrument we can list some of the desirable criteria:

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